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VR hacketon goes Europe in 2016: om te beginnen in Brussel

Natuurlijk zijn er in Nederland al eerder virtual reality hacketons georganiseerd. Maar VRHacketon.com is een begrip geworden en heeft al veel bekende bedrijven als sponsor weten te strikken. Onder andere Autodesk*, Sony, Samsung, Google, HTC, Nvidia, Unity, Epic Games en het web3D consortium uit de “oude technologie wereld” en ook al aardig wat bekende VR-startups, […]



"To begin with, Virtual Reality is a part of computer science and it represents a new approach to computer science. Instead of treating the computer as a box that's out there that is supposed to accomplish something, you put a human being in the center and say, "Let's look at the human being closely. Let's see how people perceive the world or how they act. Let's design a computer to fit very closely around them, like a glove, you might say. Let's match up the technology to exactly what people are good at.""
Jaron Lanier, 1992