VR-Hackaton Brussels 2016

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The open community of virtual reality and immersive technology developers, designers, makers, and artists along with the Web3D Consortium and amazing sponsors are making this hackathon happen.

Organized by EUVR, the Microsoft Innovation Center and the Clusters screen.brussels and software.brussels, VRHackathon Brussels provides an exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life. 

This weekend long event (January 15-16-17) will be a unique opportunity to work on very concrete projects while meeting other talented people.

We are bringing together crowd sourced knowledge for the advancement of virtual reality & complementary technologies, also from the Netherlands! Please hurry if you want to be part of this: only few places left!

If you are a tech developer, game programmer, UI/UX designer, animator, storyteller, or VR enthusiasts then join us for a weekend creating solutions with virtual reality and other immersive technologies.

To register to this great weekend, click here: 

If you are a student (and can show valid student ID): 

–> Use the code StudentLoveVRHackathon_2016 for 50% Reduction 

If you are a professional and regular participant to VRNL:

—> Use the code WeLoveVRHackathon_2016 for 15% Reduction 

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"To begin with, Virtual Reality is a part of computer science and it represents a new approach to computer science. Instead of treating the computer as a box that's out there that is supposed to accomplish something, you put a human being in the center and say, "Let's look at the human being closely. Let's see how people perceive the world or how they act. Let's design a computer to fit very closely around them, like a glove, you might say. Let's match up the technology to exactly what people are good at.""
Jaron Lanier, 1992