Rencontres Catalyse : Virtual Reality in Healthcare – Education & Training

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A meetup with fascinating speakers, inspiring cases and live-demos! Are you an entrepreneur, a researcher, a surgeon, an investor active in the health domain or a policymaker? Are you wondering which successful VR applications already exist for the healthcare sector and do you want to know what we can expect in the future? Are you willing to exchange with people who are already working on concrete cases ? Are you willing to participate into the catalyzation of the innovative research in the medical sector ? Then join us !

“Les Rencontres Catalyse” is an initiative from Moodify and Livescope supported by the Brussels Region, Hub.Brussels, Lifetech.Brussels, XR4ALL and Numerikare.


18h00 : Welcoming

18h30 : Presentation (Theme : Education & Training)

– Carine De Potter and Zoubir Sefsaf, founders of Moodify and Livescope

– Alexandre Gerard and Fethi Boubaker : XR4ALL and working group on XR in Health

– Arnaud Bosteels MD – Head of anaesthesia department & Head of Virtual Reality Unit (CLINIQUE SAINT JEAN) : « Using VR for training to training to use VR »

– Frederick Van Gestel, PhD – Researcher Neurosurgery (UZ Brussel) : “Augmented reality in surgery: today or tomorrow?”

– Dimitri Pirnay – Virtual & Augmented Reality Solution Provider (OneBonsai) : “How to train an entire hospital in a day?”

– Samuel Meirlaen – Founder (Big Boy Systems) :”Switch perspectives, learn by being the surgeon”

– Stephane Grade,PhD – Researcher (HEPL – CECOTEPE – EPAMU) : “VR to train first-aid responders for mass casualities incidents”

– Edouard Auvinet -Researcher (UZ Gent) : “AR/VR in surgery education & assistance: proof of concept and perspective”

– Mathias Vergauwen – Technical Architect (Microsoft) : “HoloLens Microsoft”

20h30: Networking cocktail : Fonteyn Kitchen & Wineconsul

Demos :

– OneBonsai

– S.A.R.A.

– Big Boys Systems

– Sharpsurgeon


22h00: Closing

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"To begin with, Virtual Reality is a part of computer science and it represents a new approach to computer science. Instead of treating the computer as a box that's out there that is supposed to accomplish something, you put a human being in the center and say, "Let's look at the human being closely. Let's see how people perceive the world or how they act. Let's design a computer to fit very closely around them, like a glove, you might say. Let's match up the technology to exactly what people are good at.""
Jaron Lanier, 1992