Cologne VR Meetup #14 – Gamescom After-Party @Startplatz

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CologneVR Meetup #14: Speakers, Demos & Sponsors

Dear good old and new CologneVR-Friends,

the summer has arrived in Cologne and we’re going to celebrate the biggest Cologne VR Meetup while Gamescom is in town.


• 7:00 pm – Registration

• 7:30 pm – Kick-off and speeches

• 9:00 pm – Networking and VR demos

Attention: Guestlist will be checked. No entrance without successful RSVP.
Join/register here:


We are looking for volunteers to help out at the meetup. Let us know if you want to support the VR community:

VR Demos

• Bullet Train by Epic Games on Oculus Touch

• XMG VR ready mobile backpack notebook

• Vire VR & AR Native Ad Plattform Demo

• Synthesis Universe by OlivierJT

• Avatar VR (GloveOne successor) by NeuroDigital

• Grav|Lab by Mark Schramm on Oculus Touch

• Runes:The Forgotten Path by StormBornstudios

• and more …


• Tom Fichtner (Product Manager, XMG)

• Philipp Steuer (CEO, Vire)

• Jan-Keno Janssen (Editor, c’t Magazin)

• Sjoerd De Jong & Jess Hider (Epic Games)

• and more …


Oculus VR, LLC – Event sponsor

XMG, Schenker Technologies GmbH – Event sponsor

Any questions? Ask us:

Important: No entry without RSVP on! Use realname on and show your ID or bring your smartphone and sign-in @ App.

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Jaron Lanier, 1992