Warp @ 48 Hour Film 360˚ VR Project

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Dutch Media Week, 48 Hour Film Project and Warp Studio (https://warp.studio) challenge you in the weekend of 1 and 2 September to create a short interactive 360˚ video with the Warp Studio. You can use interactive elements to make your story more exciting. Of course there are great prizes to win. The best movie will win a year licence for Warp Studio (worth €8400) and a €500 rent budget of Budgetcam. Next to that your movie will go to the international 48 hour film festival, Filmapalooza, in March 2019 in Orlando.

Go here for more information and to sign-up: www.48hourfilm.com/360vr

Teams who use the Warp Studio will get a special discount. Send an e-mail to richard@48hourfilm.com and you will be able to join for 48 euros per team.

The schedule will be as follows:

Masterclass 360/VR
Thursday 30 of August 2018 @ 19:00 – 22:00

Kickoff Event
Friday 31 August 2018 @ 18:00 – 19:00

Dropoff Event
Sunday 2th 6th of September 2018 @ 18:30 – 19:30
Deadline = 19:30

Premiere Screenings
Thursday 6th of September 2018

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"To begin with, Virtual Reality is a part of computer science and it represents a new approach to computer science. Instead of treating the computer as a box that's out there that is supposed to accomplish something, you put a human being in the center and say, "Let's look at the human being closely. Let's see how people perceive the world or how they act. Let's design a computer to fit very closely around them, like a glove, you might say. Let's match up the technology to exactly what people are good at.""
Jaron Lanier, 1992