VR in adult entertainment – SummerBase session 6

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Welcome to SummerBase, throughout the summer we will provide you with several VR events. Nearly every week we will host an different subject with different speakers at VRBASE


VR in Adult entertainment

Porn has always proven to be a strong driver in pushing emerging tech into the mainstream, and the virtual reality industry is next up to reap the benefits. Likewise, the porn industry has been understandably eager to join the immersive revolution because it promises to literally bring its adult content to life!

Our summerbase meetups are meant to be deep-dives in specific industries or sectors where VR is emerging. Goal of this meetup is gaining more insight in the industry, market data and trends. 

For this talk we have invited the CTO of Kiiroo, Maurice Op de Beek, to explore what the market looks like from an interactive toy point of view. He will discuss how VR is facilitating the “real” interaction with characters that customers have always dreamed about and how this advancement in the adult industry might even prove to be key in accelerating VR adoption generally.

He will also dive into the increasing collaboration that is happening between the adult toy and content industries, which reflects an interesting example of the merging of IoT with VR. So join us and Maurice as he guides us through the latest developments in this spicy space and where we think we’re headed to next.

We also invited Ela Darling, founder of Cam4 and keynote speaker (VRdays Europe, TedxEBS) to skype-in and share her insights in this industry and the ways VirtAual Reality is impacting it. 


17.00-18.00 Walk-in

18.00-18.30 Maurice Op de Beek

18.30-19.00 Ela Darling 

19.00-20.00 demos & drinks

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"To begin with, Virtual Reality is a part of computer science and it represents a new approach to computer science. Instead of treating the computer as a box that's out there that is supposed to accomplish something, you put a human being in the center and say, "Let's look at the human being closely. Let's see how people perceive the world or how they act. Let's design a computer to fit very closely around them, like a glove, you might say. Let's match up the technology to exactly what people are good at.""
Jaron Lanier, 1992